What am I…the maid??

Do you ever feel like you are just exsisting? You run though life without ever being noticed or appreciated? Thats where my head is today!

I get up this morning, get ready for work, like every other day of my life. But as I trudge through my routine, I just looked around and wondered why?? Why am I the only one up and moving? Everyone else is still laid up in the bed…sleeping in…while I go out and make the money? Only to come home and have to cook and clean the mess they made while I was out working. Like Really??? WTF!?!?!

I know kids don’t appreciate all that mom does. But hello, the SO, who has been recently laid off, could at least pretend that he cared enough that I wasn’t on his ass to go out and find another job asap, to pick up after them all during the day.

I came home yesterday to a trash can that NO ONE can seem to figure out how to put a trash bag into but me. But they can all figure out how to throw the nastiest stuff into said can WITHOUT a bag…so once again mom has to clean the nasty. HOW FREAKING HARD IS IT TO PUT A LINER IN THE CAN!?!?!?!?! The SO doesn’t like the can I bought, so he refuses to put in the liner and stick the excess around the top into the little hole on the side of the can to hold it in place! I want to smack the crap out of him for saying he doesn’t understand how that works… yeah budro I know…it’s hard to stick something in the little hole every now and then, isn’t it??

Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids and my SO…more than life itself…but help a girl out every once in a while. Realize mom may have had a bad day while I was lounging around doing NOTHING. Just once it would be nice to come home after work and get to prop my feet up while everyone else ran around to fix my dinner and cleaned the mess afterwards…. man, a girl can dream!

His guy time is making me crazy….

So the other day, my bf tells me he has made plans to spend some time with his buddies. Don’t get me wrong, I like for him to have his guy time….even though we only get 4 days a months of time we can spend alone. (I plan my girl time when it doesn’t interfere with our together time) Anyway…I’m all for his guy time until I find out it’s for an all day celebration thingy in his hometown… ALL DAY…seriously??? Why do you feel the need to spend all day with your friends…male and female…without your gf where there is going to be lots of drinking??? I would never dream of leaving him home and spending the whole day and most of the night with friends….especially if there were going to be guy friends there. I feel like he is still trying to keep me a secret from everyone….and it makes me feel less than loved….

Hello Friends

I have started this little blog to share my thoughts on life. I hope you realize these are my thoughts and my opinions and have an open mind about anything you read here. Hope you enjoy my little spot!